Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee is extremely fine ground Coffee beans. More fine than espresso! It is brewed in a specific way (boiled over water) and is unfiltered Coffee.

Technically you could only if you have the right grinder (i.e. specialty Turkish Coffee grinder) to produce the proper grinds (i.e. powder like). However, it is preferred to have it ground for you so you can simply brew it and enjoy it immediately.

We only use Arabic beans, but this does not mean other beans cannot be used (i.e. Robusta or a mix of Arabica and Robusta). However, Roasted uses only 100% Arabica beans to maintain the high quality and taste of its Coffee.

Not really! Once you try it a couple of times, you will get the hang of it and you will, in fact, enjoy the process as it is an experience on its own. You can book a quick tutorial with us and we can help you master the process in 15 minutes or less. Click here to book a free tutorial 🙂

It all depends on how you brew it, what Coffee you use & what you might be adding to your brew. Usually, a well-brewed coffee produces crema on top of the Coffee (see picture below).

Turkish Coffee crema

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Below is quick description of the process.

Turkish Coffee preparation infographic

Turkish Coffee pot (i.e. ibrik/cezve), small size cups, and high-quality grounded coffee. You can always improvise and use any similar pot from your kitchen and espresso cups if necessary, but to get the best experience it is highly recommended to have these simple yet effective tools/utensils.

Traditionally, a glass of water is served with Turkish Coffee. It is said that it is better to drink the water prior to drinking your Coffee to clean your taste buds and to get ready for the flavor rush.

Traditionally Baklava or Turkish Delights would be the best pairing with our Turkish Coffee however any type of sweet would work or try pairing it with some dark chocolate and/or good quality dates.