ARABIA – Saudi Coffee (Qahwa)


The ARABIA coffee blend is lightly (really light – hence the yellowish look) roasted coffee, much lighter than a typical light roast. Saudi coffee, commonly known as qahwa or qahwa in Arabic, is mixed with cardamom (key ingredient). Fresh batches of our ARABIA blend is combined with our special spices including freshly ground cardamom.

Simply open the bag and enjoy the fresh aroma and smell of our coffee blend. You will go in a journey to ARABIA and back.

Traditionally, the Saudi coffee is usually served in small portions in a qahwa cup and is usually combined with delicious local dates.

Brewing method: Traditionally, the blend is boiled over water and then served after straining the blend. It is as simple as scooping, boiling, straining and then serving! For every 100ml of water use a heaped tablespoon of the coffee blend.

Contact us if you need more detailed instructions to brew this delicious Saudi coffee blend.

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Add Saffron to your Arabic Coffee blend and enjoy the exotic taste it adds to your coffee!

ARABIA – Saudi Coffee (Qahwa)
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